Sunday, December 16, 2012

Terrorism Never Dies

Terrorism is a word that has always been a hot topic. Especially in the land of emerald equatorial Indonesia. There have been many events that happened to this country in terms of terrorism. Since from the past until recently, ranging from Kuta Bali bombing and the JW Marriot bombing. Why are so many terrorism that plagued the country. Who is wrong? Are the law enforcement has a duty to secure, but did not do its job with no professional? Now many questions arise as to the cause or the root causes of terrorism in Indonesia.
Terrorists always use the reason for the name of Islam launch the action. Terrorists thought if what they did was jihad. Jihad is defined by terrorists as a good thing, even for those things that need to be considered jihad fought and important for establishing goodness or truth in Indonesia. Actually, terrorist is wrong in interpreting the theory of jihad in the religion of Islam. It is true, in a known Islamic concept of jihad. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad first identified with the fight jihad against unbelievers. However, in interpreting its own jihad would be better if you look at the context first. Is it true if jihad is fighting the west is labeled by the terrorists as an infidel? Certainly that is not easy. Keep in mind what the true meaning of jihad, jihad is derived from Arabic meaning jahada-yujahidu were full. Then it would be nice if the jihad is perceived as seriously.
Actually a lot of things behind the terrorism in Indonesia. However, if only the pure doctrine given by the main character to the new recruits? The doctrine of jihad terrorism in the form of concept that promises an abundance of merit and goodness. The terrorists will be lured in the form of beautiful things, such as to heaven if you die in the line of duty. Then the most important economic factor, why? Since nearly most people recruited into a terrorist is a person who has a weak economy. They promised to get money or livelihood. This is evident from the life obtained by the terrorists in the day to day. They can survive without working, but it actually takes to prepare a bombing of fund.
True, the concept of Jihad in Islamic teachings. However, not a jihad that has been exhibited by terrorists, such as Dr. Azhari and Imam Samudra etc. The concept of jihad should be implemented in a variety of activities, not only bombed in the name of establishing religion. It is not like that, here is intended if in carrying out all the things in earnest. Such as the student, should be serious in learning. For a teacher was supposed to teach the students seriously, not just  go to class and through it away. It must be a Muslim to understand the meaning of jihad, more broadly, not just from a narrow angle.
By : Asyhari Amri

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